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Nov 29-30, 2023 | Lowes Kansas City Hotel

Kansas State University's Department of Civil Engineering is pleased to host the 2023 Midwest Commercial Vehicle Safety Summit. The free 2023 summit brings together federal agencies, industry, enforcement, engineers, university researchers, insurance companies and nonprofits who have an interest in reducing the number and severity of commercial motor vehicle crashes with the goal of knowledge dissemination and networking.

CV-STAC Webinar: Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Distraction

Sep 6, 2023

Distracted driving poses an immense hazard for all road users, whether they are a driver, bicyclist or pedestrian. Because of their increased weights, large trucks present a particular danger when the operator is distracted while behind the wheel. Therefore the issue of distracted driving among commercial vehicle drivers requires particular attention.

Commercial Vehicle Safety in Work Zones

Sep 13, 2023

Roadway workers play an essential role in ensuring our roadways are safe for all users. In order to accomplish this, workers are put in an extremely vulnerable position. In 2021, 33.3% of fatal work zone crashes involved a commercial motor vehicle (CMV), part of an upward trend across the preceding ten years.

Stay tuned for more webinars to follow throughout September:
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